Share your route choices with O-Track

It’s never been easier for anyone to share their route choices after the race, and figure out exactly where the most precious time was lost or gained.

O-Track is a free service made available by the Danish Orienteering Federation and TracTrac. It allows anyone, regardless of nationality or club affiliation to upload and share, and to follow other runner’s route choices free of charge.

The service works with a wide range of GPS enabled devices, most smart watches and pulse watches with GPS tracking. And it runs on both Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS. Route choices can be uploaded through the O-Track apps and the website in GPX format.

WMOC 2018 organizers encourages the use of O-Track to get as many runners as possible sharing route choices at the same place. We will make sure that high quality maps are uploaded to provide the best possible experience.

Get help from the team

During WMOC the O-Track team will be present in the competition area (look for the O-Track signs), they will be able to help you install the app before the race or upload the tracks afterwards.

Find out more about O-Track, create your profile and find out how to install the app at