Middle Final

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Like the Forest Qualification the Middle Final will take place in Tisvilde Hegn on the beautiful Northern coast of Zealand with the same Event Arena.


P to Arena:                            1.400 meter

Arena to Start 1:                 1.400 meter
Arena to Start 2 and 3:    100 meter

How to get there?

First of all: Go early, and plan for extra time for traffic delays. Second, note that entrance to parking for the Middle final will not be the same as it was for the Forest qualification. The entrance have changed in relation to which direction you are coming from.

There will be signs and traffic officials to guide you.

Coming from Helsinge or Tisvilde you will be guided to the parking 1 km before the entrance for the Forest qualification.

Coming from Frederiksværk or Liseleje you shall pass the entrance of the parking for the Forest qualification on Bisp Absalons Vej and continue to Bækkebrovej and turn left.

Buses can go in and out via Bisp Absalons Vej. No cars are allowed to go that way to the WMOC parking.

When driving from the parking after the event, follow signs along forest roads to another exit from the forest.

GPS: 56.024475, 12.051327

Bus transport

Busses start from Farum S-train station and pass Farum Arena on the way to the arena approximately 5 minutes later. Estimated travel time to the Event Arena is 45-60 minutes.

From Farum S-train Station: 7:30 and 8:30, 9:30
Return: 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

Previously announced busses at 10:30 are canceled, so if you planned on taking those, please catch an earlier one.


July 11
09:30 — 15:30

Arena Tisvilde

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