Forest Qualification

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Forest Qualification and Middle Final will take place in Tisvilde Hegn situated on the north coast of Zealand.  Famous from numerous big events throughout the history, Tisvilde Hegn is legendary in Danish Orienteering for its special vegetation and characteristic contour features.

Note: Poor network coverage

The event arena will be deep in the woods, which means somewhere between no and poor mobile network coverage. So please prepare accordingly with offline maps and directions. And please bring cash, as we won’t be able to take credit cards or mobile payments.
Please, also be patient with the communications of results; we are doing all that we can, to keep up the speed.


P to Arena:                                         1400 meter
From Arena to Start 1 and 2:    800 meter

Getting there and parking

Follow signs from road 205 in Asserbo. Way in is Bisp Absalons vej. GPS: 56.024475, 12.051327 Please note, that the entry road for the parking area is very narrow. We are operating a one-way traffic system during the event. Please allow some additional time for parking. When driving from the parking after the event, follow signs along forest roads to another exit from the forest.

Arriving at Arena Tisvilde before picking up your accreditation bag?
If you have registered for a parking ticket and you are unable to pick up your accreditation bag before arriving at Arena Tisvilde, you can park as anyone else, and then pick up your accreditation bag at the event arena.

Bus transport

Busses start from Farum S-train station and pass Farum Arena on the way to the arena approximately 5 minutes later. Estimated travel time to the Event Arena is 45-60 minutes.

From Farum S-train Station: 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30
Return: 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

Previously announced busses at 10:30 are canceled, so if you planned on taking those, please catch an earlier one.

Tour group bus information

Tour group buses should follow signs to the parking area. They will be directed to separate unloading sites by the parking officials.


July 10
09:30 — 15:00

Arena Tisvilde

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