The middle distance competition consists of a qualification and a final. The middle distance final also acts as qualification for the Long distance final.

Middle Final: Wednesday 11th July at Tisvilde Hegn

Forest Qualification: Tuesday 10th July at Tisvilde Hegn

Tisvilde Hegn

Forest Qualification and Middle Final will take place in Tisvilde Hegn situated on the north coast of the island.
Famous from numerous big events throughout the history, Tisvilde Hegn is legendary in Danish Orienteering for its special vegetation and characteristic contour features.

The forest primarily consists of conifers, but beech is also found - primarily in the eastern parts. With its rapidly changing visibility, the terrain will challenge the participants’ capabilities to alter their speed and navigate carefully in very detailed areas.

Furthermore, the flat terrain by the sea will test their skill with a compass. When the hilly terrain behind the steep slope that once formed the coast line is added with its challenging route choices, a top quality terrain is what will meet you in the summer of 2018.

If you are skilled in Danish, you can enjoy a film from the Troll Forest.