Getting ready for the Forest qualification

After a good day’s rest or preparation at the Forest Model event, we’re now looking ahead at the Forest qualification tomorrow in Tisvilde Hegn. Please check these important notes before you go.

Forest Qualification and Middle Final will take place in Tisvilde Hegn situated on the north coast of Zealand.  Famous from numerous big events throughout the history, Tisvilde Hegn is legendary in Danish Orienteering for its special vegetation and characteristic contour features.

Bus times changes

Due to long travel time from the Event Center to Tisvilde Arena (about 45-60 minuttes) the planned busses at  10:30 have been canceled and moved to earlier times. Busses leave at 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30. Please check the latest info on the Forest qualification page.

Security announcement

The weather has been unusually hot and dry for a long time, and we ask that you are aware of two points:

  1. The WMOC Water Provider Team is working hard to ensure that everybody gets the water they need both in the arena and in the forest. However, we would greatly appreciate if you take a bottle of water with you from home for personal use at the events. This will increase our chance of ensuring enough water for all participants. Also, please make sure you drink plenty of fluid both before, during and after the race to avoid dehydration.
  2. The risk of a wildfire is high. Please help us by being aware of fire and/or smoke both in the Arena and in the forest – report any suspicion to the WMOC Safety & First Aid Team (Phone +45 61 78 23 98), or call 1-1-2.

Finally, please avoid dropping litter in the Arena or in the forests, in particular bottles, plastic or other materials that may act as a burning glass and start a wildfire.

Poor network coverage

The event arena will be deep in the woods, which means somewhere between no and poor mobile network coverage. So please bring cash, as we won’t be able to take credit cards or mobile payments.
Please, also be patient with the communications of results; we are doing all that we can to keep up the speed.

Middle final start lists

Start lists for the Middle final will be ready Tuesday night at 19:30 the earliest. Depending on the number of protests, it could be a few hours later. Please be patient and rest assured that we are working as fast as we can. We will send out a newsletter once they are published.
Also, we will post estimated first starting time, so you’ll be able to plan transportation to the event arena.

Map reclaim

Note, that both the Forest qualification and the Middle final will take place in the same area. For this reason, map reclaim won’t be until after the Middle final Wednesday afternoon. Also, for the same reason, no maps will be available online or via O-track before then. You can still upload your route choice to O-track though, and it will be published with the maps Wednesday afternoon.


Start lists for the Forest qualification: Middle

Directions and how to get there: Forest qualification