Training courses during the week before WMOC 2018

2nd-5th July, training courses are available in Tokkekøb Hegn and in Ravnsholt Skov, respectively 7 and 11 km north of the Event Centre in Farum.

Maps are sold every day 1st-5th July,  4-5.30 PM on the parking lot in Ravnsholt Skov at Nymøllevej, 3450 Lillerød, GPS: 55°51’08.7″N 12°20’54.2″

Here you will also get driving directions to the start in Tokkekøb Hegn.

Training courses:

9 km difficult (can be shortened)
3 km difficult (intended for elderly runners)
4 km medium


DKK 50 or 7€ per map - please bring cash. 

Training locations



Other training options

Find vej i…

Find vej i… offers an option to find and print out maps with fixed controls in areas all over Denmark.

All Danish maps

An overview of all Danish orienteering maps can be found here. Click “Kort og Skov: Find kort “. Zoom in on the area of your interest and click on the highlighted areas to find more information about a map. Click “Flere informationer” to find contact info (“Kortsalg”) of who to contact to get a copy of the map.

Warm up competitions

Prior to WMOc 2018 you will find great opportunities for participating in high quality events in relevant terrain in Denmark. Find more information about warm up competitions.