Rooms in Every Category

The Copenhagen area offers a choice of more than 30,000 hotel rooms spanning from five-star hotels to the budget-priced, modern rooms of Europe’s largest hostels. With the wide range of hotels, the area can offer accommodation suitable for all budgets.

In central Copenhagen, you will find the hotels, and if you head north - in short distance from the Event Centre and the arenas - we can offer a variety of accommodation possibilities.

First, our own O-camp right next to the Event Centre will offer a low budget possibility to be close to the event, and other O-friends.

We offer hard floor accommodation in a public school for free. Accommodation in tent at the O-camp is 70 euro for the entire week. Accommodation in a camper/mobile home is 105 euro for the entire week. It is possible to make reservations for a shorter period than a week.

Reservations for the O-camp must be made through IOF Eventor.
It is first come first served. Booking closes at 10. June 2018.

Other low budget alternatives are hostels, cottages, bed and breakfast or holiday and summer houses. If you want to indulge yourself a bit more, we can recommend castle and manor house hotels or beautiful seaside hotels.

Please look at the exclusive offers for participants in WMOC2018