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Training Before WMOC

Most forests in North Sealand are state forests, which means that everyone is free to go for training when they have a map.

One way is to download maps from previous events in the area – if you make sure to stay out of the embargoed areas. The International Danish event Danish Spring has over the last 5 years been held in either parts of the WMOC competition areas or similar terrains. Go to the web page - item “History” and select the year of your choice. 2017 is found in the “Results & Media” entry.

Training Maps

An overview of Danish orienteering maps can be found in this interactive web page. Unfortunately, it is in Danish, but if you click on the area of your interest and selects “Flere informationer”, you will find the headline “Kortsalg” with information about who to contact to get copies of the maps.

Training Maps - Who to contact...