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Maps & classes


All Maps will be drawn according to IOF map standards in 2018 and hold the highest international standard.

ISSOM: International Standard for Sprint Orienteering Maps
ISOM: International Standard for Orienteering Maps
Danish expert mapper Steen Frandsen has drawn numerous Danish high quality maps – among these the maps used for WOC in Denmark 2006.

Warm up competitions

Several competitions will be organised in similar terrain until WMOC 2018. In particular, we recommend Danish Spring 2017 and 2018.

Old Maps...

Get maps from previous events in the exiting competition areas, by clicking the pictures below.

Sprint Final area – Copenhagen City
No previous maps exist – click the picture for Google Map of the area

Sprint Qualification area – Scion DTU
No previous events – click the picture for the recent version of the full map.
© Søllerød OK

Forest qualification and Middle Final terrain – Tisvilde Hegn
©Tisvilde Hegn OK

Long Final terrain (North) – Gribskov Søskoven
©FIF Hillerød Orientering

Long Final terrain (Southwest) – Gribskov Nødebo
©FIF Hillerød Orientering

Classes & Winning Times

SQ = Sprint Qualification – winning time in minutes
SF = Sprint Final – winning time in minutes
FQ = Forest Qualification – winning time in minutes
MF = Middle Final - winning time in minutes
LF = Long Final – winning time in minutes
Born: In order to participate, the athlete must be born in the year indicated or earlier.

Event program

At the long final on Friday 13th July we expect the last runner will start around 12:30 pm. We expect the price giving ceremony will take place from 14:00 until 14:45. The arena will close at 16:00.

It should be emphasized that the program is preliminary. It can change if the number of participants turn out to be different from what we expect or if circumstances arises that calls for changes in the plans.