Long Final

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The long distance final will take place in the classic Grib Forest, which is the second largest in Denmark.


Parking to Arena:                         200 – 800 meter
Bus stop to Arena:                      100 meter
Arena to Start 1:                          1.000 meter
Arena to Start 2:                          600 meter
Arena to Start 3:                          5 minutes with senior transport.

Senior transport
Start 3 has a mandatory bus transport from the arena to start for the following classes: W80A, W80B, M80A, M80B, W85A, M85A, M85B, W90A, M90A, M95A, M100A. This transport is mandatory to avoid passing through the competition area.

Getting there and parking

NOTE that road 227 Nødebovej - Gillelejevej will only be open from the North going to the event. It is NOT possible to drive to the arena from the South. The only route to the arena is to use road 227 from the North. When you leave, you will be going North, using the same road as you came in.

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Follow signs from the road junction for roads 227 and 205 just south of Esbønderup.

GPS-address: Gillelejevej 2B, 3230 Græsted, 56.010590, 12.345909.

Bus transport

Busses start from Farum S-train station and pass Farum Arena on the way to the arena approximately 5 minutes later. Estimated travel time to the Event Arena is 30-45 minutes.

From Farum S-train Station: 7:15 and 8:00, 9:00
Return: 14:00, 15:00 and 16:00

Previously announced busses at 10:30 are canceled, so if you planned on taking those, please catch an earlier one.


Tour group bus information

Tour group buses will be directed to their own parking area in the forest approx. 300 meter north of the arena. Just before arriving at the parking, the buses will pass the marked route to Start 2 and should thus drive carefully.


July 13
09:00 — 15:00

Arena Grib Skov

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