The Long distance competition consists of a qualification and a final. The Middle distance final acts as qualification for the Long distance final.

Long final: Friday 13th July at Grib Skov

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The long distance final will take place in the classic Grib Forest, which is the second largest in Denmark. The terrain is typical for eastern Denmark and yet challenging due to its complex varieties of vegetation – from thick spruce forest to hilly, yet fast old beech forest areas. Despite the fact that wood cutting has been extensive over the previous years, large areas of old spruce still provides for fast running.

This combined with a substantial number of lakes and marshes will require rapid route choice decisions. Like in Tisvilde Hegn, rapid changes in visibility will test the participants ability to choose the optimal speed. A difference in height of close to 80 meters – from the shore of Lake Esrum to the abandoned radar station in the central part of the forest – will provide some quite physical challenges as well.