Situated in southern Scandinavia, and Northern Europe,  The Kingdom of Denmark covers an area of 42.916 square kilometres and with a population of 5,6 mio. People, the population density is 130 per square kilometre.

Copenhagen is the capitol of Denmark.

You will discover Denmark to be a well organised, friendly and safe country to visit.

North Sealand

Also called Denmarks Royal Retreat due to the many Royal castles in the region. The beautiful north coast of Sealand is furthermore mentioned as the Danish Riviera.


Situated at Øresund, The Danish Capitol has a population of 1,2 mio. inhabitants. Among others, Copenhagen is famous for Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, Christiansborg Palace and Nyhavn. Copenhagen furthermore encourages green living. Find more info here.


Due to its close proximity to the coast, in July the Danish weather can range from 15 degrees, cloudy and windy – and to 30 degrees and beautiful sunshine. The most likely temperature will be around 20 degrees.


The language is Danish, but most Danes are fluent in English. In general, the Danes have a good knowledge of foreign languages.

Internet access

The mobile telephone coverage is good in Denmark. Virtually all hotels will have hot spots for wifi. For those who do not have international data subscritption for your tablet og smartphone, we plan to provide easy access to prepaid danish SIM-cards in close vicinity to the Event Center.


The Danish currency is Danish Krone (DKK).
1 Euro = 7,5 DKK.
Most credit cards are accepted in Denmark.

The major Danish financial institutions provide various smartphone payment solutions. MobilePay and Swipp are the most frequently used in 2016. In 2018 we expect to find easy access to such services for tourists also.


Coming from EU or Schengen you do not need a visa. For others please see requirements here and apply for visa online.

Guests from all countries should bring their passport.

Drinking Water

Danish tap water is nature’s own product and it is as pure as it can be. There is no need to buy expensive bottled water. Drink the tap water and enjoy it. It’s the purest drink you can get.


A large variety of food types are available in Denmark at all cost levels, including the traditional Danish open sandwiches (“smørrebrød”). However we regret to inform you that the most famous of Danish restaurants, Noma, can not be attended until after the Sprint Final as it is situated inside the embargoed area