Late entry

Late entries

There is a limited number of vacant positions in all classes. They are available first come first serve.

To enter both these 2 steps needs to be followed:

1. Email entry information to  (See information below).
2. Payment via banktransfer.  (See information below).

Entry information

In your email inform us about:
First name
Last name
Date of birth (eg. 21-12-1960)
Entry ID (Your initials + The date of your entry. Eg. PV-02-06-2018)
Class (W35-M100)

SI card number (or let us know, if you need to rent)

A. All races
B. Sprint only
C. Middle and Long only


Entry prices (including 30EUR late entry fee):
All races:   220 EUR
Sprint only:   190 EUR
Middle and Long distance only:   200 EUR
SI card rental, All days:   15 EUR
SI card rental, Sprint only:   8 EUR
SI card rental, Middle and Long only:   10 EUR

The total amount is to be paid via bank transfer.

For international transfers

Include with the transfer your entry ID (Eg. PV02062018)

For Danish transfers

Registration number: 2252
Account: 4389 496 273.
Add entry ID (Eg. PV02062018)) as text
For DKK, use exchange rate 7,46 (Eg. 130 euro = 970 kroner).