World Masters Orienteering Championship is an annual international orienteering competition and the official world championship for orienteering runners above the age of 35. The classes of competition are divided into men and women and in groups of 5 years age difference. From W35 and M35 to W100 and M100 with a total of 28 classes. The tree main disciplines are Sprint, Middle distance and Long distance with qualifications runs before the final runs.


The sprint competitions take place in Hørsholm north of Copenhagen and in central Copenhagen – the capitol of Denmark. The Long and Middle Distance competitions are held in North Sealand – with qualification race and Middle Final in Tisvilde Hegn and Long Final in Grib Skov.

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Event Centre

The Event Centre will be in Farum Arena, which is centrally located in North Zealand. It is easily accessible by car or public transport.

Farum Arena offers O-camp and floor accommodation in class rooms. All information about the event will be given here. O-related workshops are planned to take place during the event week.

Farum Arena has hosted WTA Tennis tournaments and handball Champions’ League matches. The nearby Farum Park has hosted football Champions’ League. There will also be accommodation possibilities here.

Distances from the Event Center to:
• O-camp: 150 meters
• Sprint Model Event : 0 meters
• Classroom accommodation in school rooms: 50 meters
• Farum Bytorv shopping center: 500 meters
• Farum S-train station: 1.200 meters
• Furesøbad lake swimming site: 2.000 meters
• Nørreskoven forest training area: 2.000 meters

Punching System

The Sport Ident punching system will be used. SI-cards can be rented when registering to enter, or you can add your own SI card number to use your own.

The following SI-card series can be used:
SI-card5, 30 punches, no. 1 til 499.999
SI-card6, 64 punches no. 500.000 til 999.999
SI-card8, 30 punches no. 2.000.000 til 2.999.999 *)
SI-card9, 50 punches, no. 1.000.000 til 1.999.999
SI-card10, 128 punches, no. 7.000.000 til 7.999.999
SI-card11, 128 punches, no. 9.000.000 til 9.999.999
SIAC, 128 punches, no. 8.000.000 til 8.999.999
ComCard Up, 30 punches, no. 2.000.000 til 2.999.999 *)
ComCard Pro, 128 punches, no. 7.000.000 til 7.999.999

Competition Clothing

Restrictions for use of shoes will probably apply in Copenhagen. More info later.


Environment and sustainability are of great concern to Copenhagen politicians, as you will learn more about in chapter 9. WMOC 2018 will implement our own sustainability strategy in the event, focusing on waste handling and food and beverage.

Food & Beverage in arenas

Food and drink will be served and offered in the arenas based on locally and regionally produced products. As far as possible, the products will be certified as organic.


We plan on no visible waste in the arenas: It should be easy for both participants and spectators to see where and how to deposit waste. The standard must be very high for both sorting of waste, and for regular cleaning of the surroundings. To the benefit of both humans and nature.


We plan to organise Kindergarden in the arenas to the extend required.


Medical services will be available in the arenas. Danish emergency telephone number is 112 – request ambulance, police or fire service.