Accreditation bag

Accreditation bag

Your accreditation bag contains the essentials for WMOC 2018:

  • Start number bibs
  • Bulletin 2 in print
  • SI-card, if rented
  • Shirt, if pre-ordered
  • Maps for the model events
  • Bus transport tickets, if pre-ordered
  • Parking tickets, if pre-ordered
  • Gift: Orienteering map, Furesø Municipality

Bag collection

You can pick up your accreditation bag in the secretariat at the Event Centre in Farum Arena.

On the day of the Sprint Qualification and Forest Qualification you can also collect your accreditation package in the Secretariat booth in the arena.

Note, that you cannot pick up your accreditation package in the arenas on the Final days, nor at the model events.

If you you want to pick up bags for other competitors, please bring some kind of ID/permission for that person.

Tour operators

Accreditation packages for tour operators can be collected for the whole group. The bags for the group will be packed separately ready for pickup.